Ms. Hunroe (first name unknown) is the main enemy in Molly Moon and the Morphing Mystery.


Hunroe first appears when taking Molly and Micky to London in her classic porche. This trip turns out to be an offer for an adventure where Molly and Micky break into Geoffrey Black's casino (apparently Theobald Black's) and find a book on hypnotism. They learn how to morph.


Why don't they just poison the water supplies of the major cities?

Hunroe clearly did not care about most people on the planet Earth. She feigned politeness to fool Lucy Logan and Primo Cell into believing she was a good tutor. She also was described by Theobald Black as a 'misanthrope'. She also wanted the best of the best, because she had several things done for her that wouldn't be done for other people.

Possesions Edit

  • Coin: Hunroe owned a coin which made her play music beautifully. It was speculated whether Hunroe was good before the coin fell into her possesion. 
  • Bagpipes: Hunroe owned a pair of bagpipes which she used on Miss Speal to find out where the blue stone was. Miss Oakkton danced to Hunroe playing them once.


  • Morphing: Ms. Hunroe could morph and meego without anything disastrous happening.
  • Music: Ms. Hunroe could play instruments beautifully while she owned the coin.
  • Hypnotism: Ms. Hunroe hypnotized her maid, Sally, for an unknown reason.