Hypnotism is the art of lulling a person or animal into a trance. When a hypnotized person is in this state, the hypnotist suggests things which the hypnotized person carries out with their subconscious mind or with their actions. In the series, Molly Moon uses hypnosis time and time again to help her with problems. She hypnotizes using only her eyes, whilst Rocky uses long-distance and voice-only hypnosis. When a hypnotist hypnotizes an animate object, such as a person or animal, they will experience a warm fusion feeling. This feeling is pleasant and short, very different from the cold fusion feeling experienced with time manipulation. When hypnotizing with the eyes only, one must stare into the eyes of the victim and not blink. The hypnotists' eyes will as if they were glowing, but afterwards they will feel dull and heavy. Hypnotism can be blocked by wearing anti-hypnosis glassses.

HYPNOTISM: An Ancient Art Explained. By Doctor H. LoganEdit

Consider what Doctor Logan said about Hypnotism: HYPNOTISM was given it's name by the Ancient Greeks. "HYPNOS" means sleep in Greek. Hypnotists have practiced since the earliest of times. Hypnotism is also known as "MESMERISM," a word that comes from the name of a doctor called Franz Mesmer. He was born in 1734 and died in 1815, and his chief pursuit in life was the art of hypnotism. When a person is under the powers of a hypnotist, he is in a "TRANCE." People go into trances all the time without realizing it. When you put your pen down, for instance, and one minute later can't remember where you put it, you can't remember because you were in a small trance. Daydreaming is another form of entering a trance. People daydreaming are in a world of their own, and when they come out of their daydream trance, they often don't know what people around them have been saying or doing. In trances, people's thoughts float away from the noisy world into quieter places in their mind. Our minds like to relax in this way, as a rest from thinking. Trances are very normal things. If you are good at going into trances, the chances are you will be very good at hypnotism. What a hypnotist does is bring people into trances and then keep them there by talking to them in a hypnotic way. When the person is in a deep trance, a sort of wide-awake sleep, the hypnotist can suggest things that the person should think or do. For instance, the hypnotist might say, "When you wake up, you will not want to smoke another pipe." Or, "When you wake up you will no longer feel afraid of riding in automobiles."