Rocky Scarlet has been best friends with Molly since he was a baby. He is calm and collected and it takes a lot to unnerve him. He always seems to know what to do. Unlike Molly, Rocky does not know the true identity of his parents.

Rocky was given his name by Mrs Trinklebury from the "Scarlet Rocker" pram he was found in.

Rocky learned voice hypnotism from the same book as Molly by going to the Briersville library secretly. He eventually ripped out the two chapters about voice hypnosis, preventing Molly from learning about it. His hypnotizing powers are fairly strong but he needs time for his hypnotism to take effect.

Rocky shows signs of musical talent with his hypnotic voice and guitar skills. He befriends the famous young musician Billy Bob Bimble in the second book.

Molly Moon's Incredible Book of HypnotismEdit

In the first book, Rocky was adopted and taken to America, he later finds Molly at the Waldorf after Petula had been kidnapped.

Molly Moon Stops the WorldEdit

The the second book, Rocky comes to L.A. with Molly.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Rocky Scarlet is a good-looking boy with curly black hair, a deep, husky voice, and what are believed to be hazel-coloured eyes.


  • Voice-Only Hypnosis