Sinclair Cell

Hair Color

Shoulder length, blonde

Eye Color


Sinclair Cell is a character from Molly Moon Stops the World, he is Primo Cell's adopted son.

Until the age of four, he and his sister Sally were under the care of a circus ringleader who had adopted them (Sinclair and Sally bear no blood ties whatsoever). The ringleader was a hypnotist powerful enough to pose a potential threat to Primo Cell. Primo hypnotised the ringleader and his wife who became gardeners at Cell's mansion. Primo also adopted Sinclair and Sally. Sinclair pretended to love Primo as a father, but he always hated him. Loving Primo was the only way Sinclair wouldn't be hypnotised (unfortunately, Sally crossed the line, and was hypnotised by Cell).

Sinclair appears in book two, Molly Moon Stops the World. He saved Molly and Rocky's lives, otherwise the magpie killer would have killed them. He hypnotised them for seven and a half months so they would be safe from Primo Cell. Once released from their hypnotic bounds, Molly, Rocky and Sinclair hypnotised Primo. If it wasn't for Sinclair, Molly and Rocky would be dead, and Primo Cell would theoretically rule the world. He is described as being fit and tanned with shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes.